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Architect is an industry-specific version of Vectorworks, targetted at exploring BIM, as well as enabling users the freedom to design in 2D and 3D with a suite of powerful and flexible tools.

Vectorworks is now available as a monthly or annual subscription, including the latest version, support, tutorials, licence management, and more.

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Vectorworks Architect 2024

The industry-specific Vectorworks package for architects and interior designers who need to work in 2D and 3D.

Vectorworks Official UK Reseller

Vectorworks Architect is a comprehensive design and modelling software suite for architects, designers and engineers that helps you sketch, draw and model in a fully integrated BIM workflow.

Time-saving architectural functionality is available from the outset - wall tools, door & window tools, stair tools, parametric modelling, IFC classification and much more help architects maximise their output in much less time than basic 2D and 3D software. Like all Vectorworks products, Architect is easy to use and has a more intuitive interface than many traditional CAD applications. Sketch, draw, and model within a fully integrated BIM workflow.

If you're looking for a simpler offering, consider Vectorworks Fundamentals. If you want to add landscape and entertainment design to Architect, take a look at Vectorworks Designer.

What's New in Vectorworks Architect 2024

Direct Door and Window Modelling
No more tedious defining of parameters. Now you can create and edit doors and windows by drawing a rectangle or line in 3D or 2D respectively.

Graphic Legends
Completely removes the manual process of creating graphic legends, and automatically coordinates with resources you've used.

Offset Edge Tool
This new tool gives you more flexibility with offset edges and edge loops from both planar and non-planar surfaces.

New Home Screen
When launching Vectorworks, this new home screen serves as a single source for opening projects, accessing training materials, and more.

Shaded Rendering Options
More light objects, glow textures, environment lighting, and reflections – these new options give you a better understanding or your project during design, ensuring better end results.

Faster Section Viewports
When launching Vectorworks, this new home screen serves as a single source for opening projects, accessing training materials, and more.

Faster Section Viewports


  • Folding door and window configurations
  • Improved BIM issue management
  • Elevation benchmark
  • Structural member styles
  • Wall improvements
  • Powerful data reporting additions
  • Site grading improvements
  • Improved resource libraries organisation
  • Cloud presentation improvements
  • Redshift for everyone
  • Customisable DWG import/export options

Why Vectorworks Architect?

The Best In BIM
Building Information Modeling (BIM) brings together design, analysis, collaboration, and documentation for the benefit of all parties involved in a building project. As BIM continues to gain increasing importance in the AEC industry, software must continually evolve in order to provide design professionals with the tools they need to successfully implement BIM in their projects. Whether you’re looking to streamline costs, analyze materials, increase your energy efficiency, or just create world-class designs, you can create building information models without changing your preferred design process.

Flexible Workflows & Project Sharing
Design smarter than ever with seamless project sharing capabilities, access to reliable cloud- based storage solutions, improved communication and visualization tools. Whether you’re a sole practitioner collaborating with other professionals or a large firm dividing work among different members of the team, Vectorworks provides a flexible way to manage productive BIM workflows for even the most complicated project.

Seamless Interoperability
Make your work even more compelling and easier to communicate with digital imagery. Import or export a wide array of image files. Publish your designs for inclusion in your firm’s marketing materials or website. Get on the cutting edge of collaborative digital practices, exchanging 2D drawings, 3D models, Building and Site Information Modeling (BIM/SIM) data for numerous multidisciplinary, multi-platform design workflows, as well as sending models to CAD/CAM machines, CNC routers, and other 3D printers.

Superior 2D Documentation
Define your signature look and meet industry standards with Vectorworks Architect's precision drafting tools, intelligent objects for building, detailing, MEP, furniture, millwork, machine parts, and annotations, plus thousands of free symbols from leading building product companies. Batch print drawing sets or export them as multipage PDFs at full or reduced size.

Creative Modeling Solutions
From graphical scripting tools and subdivivision surface modeling to point cloud support, you can create any shape and easily explore geometry. With it's intuitive interface, you can design from any 3D view using modes in modelling tools that automatically infer working planes as you move your cursor, and enjoy the superior quality that allows you to manipulate your model with ease.

  • Subdivision Surfaces - Transform rigid lines and primitive shapes into smooth, malleable surfaces to create sculpted objects, unique furniture, and more with subdivision modelling. This technique, based on Pixar Animation Studios’ OpenSubdiv library, allows you to design beyond the limits of traditional CAD software by subdividing and moulding each surface into any form imaginable using the Edit Subdivision tool.
  • Free-Form Manipulation - With the intuitive interface, you can design from any 3D view using modes in modelling tools that automatically infer working planes as you move your cursor, and enjoy the superior quality that enables you to manipulate your model with ease. More accurate object information and better snapping make drawing in 3D easy. The SmartCursorTM helps by showing hints, like the angle from the previous segment, as you draw, and the patent- pending X-ray Select technology lets you see through models to select, move, and modify hidden objects with precision and ease. Plus, an advanced suite of solids and NURBS surface tools lets you create any shape and easily explore organic geometry. Push, pull, blend, twist, sculpt, deform, bulge, taper, or punch holes. Anything is possible with Vectorworks Architect.
  • Point Cloud Support - Field surveys and other manual methods used to capture existing spaces can now be replaced with Point Cloud Support. Using your preferred 3D scanning device, you can capture any physical location and import a 3D point cloud object to Vectorworks Architect using PTS, E57, LAS, and XYZ file formats. Capture a perfect, full-colour representation of any location then import, snap to, measure, manipulate, and design within or around the extents of the scan.

Sustainable Design - Energos
Architect's Energos feature empowers you to make sustainability a priority throughout the design process. Based on the Passivhaus calculation method, the Energos module gives you and your clients a dynamic, intelligent gauge of a building’s energy performance. Using convenient, colour-coded graphics, you can measure a project’s energy efficiency, giving you the ability to make critical decisions about sustainability as your design evolves — all from within your Vectorworks Architect file.

What is Vectorworks Service Select (VSS)?

Vectorworks Service Select provides customers with several added benefits, including immediate receipt of product releases, the best pricing, predictable budgets, priority technical support, VIP access to downloads, easy account management, and access to a growing library of on-demand learning tutorials. You’ll also have exclusive access to Vectorworks Cloud Services, as well as their mobile apps.

If you wish to continue with these benefits, Service Select can be renewed annually.

Which version is for me? Fundamentals, Architect or Designer?

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Operating System

  • Windows 10/11
  • MacOS 12 (Monterey) / 13 (Ventura)

Recommended Hardware Profile:

  • 2GHz+ Intel Core i7 / AMD Ryzen 7 / Apple M1
  • 16GB+ RAM
  • 4GB - 8GB+ Dedicated GPU / M1 16GB - 32GB Unified Memory
  • 1920 x 1080 or higher resolution monitor
  • 10GB SSD minimum disk space (30GB for full installation)