The Best Prices for 3D Software

Our Price Match Promise

At CAD Software Direct we work hard to make sure our prices are the best in the market. We believe we offer better support and service than other companies but we also understand the importance of ensuring cost-effectiveness. To this end, we have our Price Match Promise:

We promise to constantly review our pricing to ensure it remains extremely competitive.
We promise to match or beat competitor's quotes on like-for-like products. If we can't, we will try to make it up to you with a discount on your next purchase up to 5% or £50 off (whichever is the lesser).
We promise to review licensing options when quoting to ensure the options or variations are the most cost-effective for your purposes.
We promise to advise customers if an option exists to reduce their upgrade or renewal costs in the future.


There are some exceptions to our price matching: products must be like-for-like and must be sourced through legitimate UK distribution, not subject to rebate schemes and in good faith. Due to the wide-range of unapproved grey imports and/or rebate only sales practices, the following brands are excluded from our price match promise: Adobe, Autodesk, ATI, NVidia, Wacom, Abvent, Red Giant, Cinema4D. Other brands may also be excluded.