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KeyVR allows you to take a KeyShot scene and with one-click, generate an interactive, virtual reality experience.
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KeyVR - One-Click KeyShot Virtual Reality

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KeyVR is a one-click virtual reality experience, from the makers of KeyShot, to put creators and products in the same room.

With KeyVR, users are able to create immersive, fully interactive virtual reality experiences quickly, with one-click from any KeyShot scene. They are able to do it without any scripting, coding or specialised model preparation - once the scene is in KeyShot, it is ready for VR.

Through this ability, engineers, designers and 3D professionals are able to assess designs faster, explore the detail and functionality of products more deeply, and allow customers to experience current products, or future products, in the environment of their choice.


Why KeyVR?

Built to eliminate the challenges associated with creating virtual reality experiences, KeyVR is the solution that allows you to:

  • Explore designs interactively in a 'real world' context
  • Review designs to refine fit and function
  • View model, material, and environment variations
  • Experience in-context product animations
  • Use natural views to determine the best product shots

KeyVR perfectly complements KeyShot as a visualisation solution to assist you in exploring your designs, while maintaining the visual quality in a product anyone can use.

KeyVR is the quickest way to view your scene in virtual reality. From KeyShot, hit the VR icon to be transported into KeyVR for a One-Click VR experience.

Fast & Easy
KeyVR is GPU-powered, optimized for VR viewing, and capable of loading large data sets.

Minimal Prep
KeyVR eliminates the complex setup and asset prep required by other solutions. Simply, add materials and lighting as you normally would normally in KeyShot, then open in KeyVR.

No Coding
KeyVR doesn't require convoluted programming. It doesn’t require outsourcing development, bringing on dedicated VR developers, or forcing conditions for your models to work in VR.

KeyVR brings you power in a tool built for designers. It enables a return to the creative process instead of VR development oversight and brings more visualisation options to your workflow.

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Brand Luxion
Delivery Type Digital Delivery By Email
Processing Time 1 - 4 (Business) Hours
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KeyShot (for one-click KeyShot to KeyVR)

Windows 7 and up

Recommended Hardware:
Windows PC with VR ready GPU (GTX1080, Vega64 or better)

Currently Supported Headsets:
Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality headsets