Chaos Cloud Credits (V-Ray Cloud)

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Chaos Cloud is a simple and fast remote cloud rendering service. This service removes unnecessary workflow complexity such as plugin installation, manual asset uploads and virtual machine setup.

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Chaos Cloud Credits (V-Ray Cloud)

Chaos Cloud is a simple and fast remote cloud rendering service offered directly by Chaos Group. The massive scalability of cloud computing is leveraged through a workflow that completely removes the need to deal with third party providers, network setups or virtual machines. It is consistently integrated within V-Ray products and is highly reliable as well as easy enough for anyone to use.

Professional users looking for a simple way to render both quickly and on demand will benefit from Chaos Cloud, including 3D generalists, architects, advertisers, product designers and more. Chaos Cloud can also help VFX artists meet tight deadlines for animation and film production at the least amount of effort with the best possible results.

Chaos Cloud is compatible with:

Chaos Cloud includes SmartSync and SmartVault to reliably get your data to the cloud in the shortest amount of time. Remove the trouble of dealing with external assets, naming conventions, paths, plugins, scripts, fonts, or software versions by using these unique technologies.

Seamlessly integrated with V-Ray, Chaos Cloud offers a one-click job submission directly from within V-Ray. A natural extension of the creative process, cloud rendering is simplified and completely removes workflow complexities such as installation of matching software versions manual asset uploads, product licenses, path management and virtual machine setup.

Designed for speed, Chaos Cloud transforms the unlimited render power of the cloud into each user's own personal supercomputer.

Working with existing user accounts, it allows simple job edits and on-the-go job submission even without access to the scene itself. VR scenes are also easily rendered and can be previewed directly from the portal on a phone and a VR headset.

Keep your machine resources free for design work, and complete any job on time with elastic cloud scaling.

Most security professionals accept that cloud operators have the skills and resources to provide a higher level of protection than that which can be provided on premises. Chaos Cloud uses industry standard Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS).

Unlike physical machines, if a virtual machine fails, another one can take its place immediately - without a single moment of service interruption. Get the job done whenever you need it with a safety net keeping it all under control.

Chaos Cloud vs. On Premise

Chaos Cloud’s benefits will most often be compared to rendering locally. Chaos Cloud is not a replacement but a supplement to local V-Ray Render Nodes for:

  • Convenient scalability when local capacity can’t complete a job in the time required (by far the most common scenario)
  • Offloading local machine capacity for design work
  • Lowering expenses for additional equipment, space, power, maintenance (especially true for sites that are space or power constrained and can’t add more machines)
  • Easy network rendering, without any IT expertise or data preparation - a solution that works for anyone
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