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formZ jr is a powerful and intelligent form generating tool to explore design alternatives with advanced surface and solid modelling tools, NURBS creation, components, sun studies, and presentations.
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formZ Jr

formZ Jr provides a fresh approach to 3D modelling concept designs and quick idea sketching.

AutoDesSys formZ Official UK Reseller

Formerly known as bonZai3d, formZ Jr is ideal for concepts and sketching ideas to carry over to the next level of productivity. formZ Jr's robost models can be used for construction drawings, rendering, and fabrication.

formZ Jr’s simple, smart, and fun interface reveals capabilities and tools that complement and enhance creativity. Embedded tutorial videos facilitate learning at one’s own pace and without the need for expensive training sessions. Intuitive tools include descriptive step-by-step guides and interface hints for a productive workflow.

What's New in formZ Jr

Reference Files
Reference Files are simply data from one project displayed inside another project. Reference files allow for complex static data to be maintained in external files and supports coloboration where files can be shaered between team members as a design evolves.

Python is a easy to use yet rich scripting language. Python scripts in form•Z are an easy way to extend the functionality of form•Z to add your own utilities or create a custom design design tools. Most of the form•Z functionality is avaiable to a form•Z Python script.

A comprehensive suite of NURBS tools combines unprecedented ease of use and power. The NURBS analysis features aid in the evaluation and refinement of your design.

Parametric Generation
Fully parametric and dynamic generation of 3D forms that can be further manipulated at any time after their initial generation.


  • Interactive display
  • Subdivision tools
  • Components
  • Materials
  • Dynamic interface
  • Reshaping
  • Dynamic clipping planes
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Brand AutoDesSys
Delivery Type Digital Delivery By Email
Processing Time 2-3 Working Days
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V10 System Requirements


Minimum: 4 GB
* Note that complex models or large texture maps may require additional memory.

Internet Connection:

Required for product activation, software updates and access to on line manuals and tutorial videos.


  • Mac OS 10.11 or later


  • 64 bit editions of Windows 11, 10.


A video card that supports OpenGL version 3.2 or later is required. For best results, a video card with a minimum benchmark score of ~1500 is recommended, and for larger files, ~3500 or better is preferred. See this link for details: Video Card Benchmarks