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Vectorworks Landmark 2024

Landmark is the ultimate choice for landscape designers to analyse and sculpt terrain, track sustainability goals, estimate cost, and much more.

Vectorworks is now available as a monthly or annual subscription, including the latest version, support, tutorials, licence management, and more.

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The Vectorworks package that offers 2D and 3D capabilities with landscape industry specific tools.

Like all Vectorworks products, Landmark is easy to use and has a more intuitive interface than many traditional CAD applications. If you're looking for a more streamlined Vectorworks offering, you may wish to consider Vectorworks Fundamentals. For other industry tools, check out Vectorworks Architect or Vectorworks Spotlight. If you want all the features available in one package, take a look at Vectorworks Design Suite.

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What's New in Vectorworks Landmark 2024

Site Model Analysis Legends

Experience better control over the graphical output of your site model snapshot with new legends to help clients understand annotations. A highly customisable colour scale provides all the relevant information about slope ranges and elevation values.

Automated Fence Tool

Optimised for simplified and detailed representations, the Fence tool supports integrated posts, gates, and terrain-conforming options like raked or panel/stepped. Save significant time while designing in 2D and 3D with accurate material reporting, reducing errors in material specifications.

Viewport Styles

Save custom viewport settings as styles, making them easily transferrable between viewports and project files. You'll be able to cut out the tedium of replicating your viewport settings and avoid errors.


  • Georeferencing settings and referenced file support
  • Improved resource libraries organisation
  • Cloud presentation improvements
  • Redshift for everyone
  • Customisable DWG import/export options

Why Vectorworks Landmark?

Work Smarter with BIM for Landscape
With Vectorworks Landmark’s BIM capabilities, you can link all your drawings, details, models, and schedules. In Landmark, a change anywhere is reflected everywhere, which means you can spend less time manually updating drawings and more time designing.

Make Informed Design Decisions
All within one program, you can calculate construction costs and material takeoffs, analyse terrain for cut/fill, slope, and drainage, evaluate water budgets, and track sustainability goals. With all this information at hand, you can make the best design decision the first time.

Work Across Popular Platforms
Is your colleague or client working with something like AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, or SketchUp? No problem - Vectorworks offer direct links with all these, as well as default import/export capabilities for a huge number of commonly used platforms.

Stay Ahead of the Curve
Vectorworks are advancing the use of emerging technologies and making them accessible to everyone. You won’t keep up with the latest technologies - you’ll stay one step ahead.

Which version is for me?

Check out the differences between the different Vectorworks versions at a glance in the chart below. For full details, please view the Vectorworks comparison guide: Fundamentals, Landmark or Designer?

Fundamentals Landmark Design Suite
Resource Manager
Object Information Palette
Navigation Palette
Core 3D Modelling Tools & Commands
High Quality Renderworks Rendering
Building Modelling Tools
Advanced Terrain Editing and Creation Tools
Automated Irrigation Design Tools
Outdoor Event Design Tools