Altair Inspire


Altair Inspire. Create, Modify, Simulate, Optimise.

Leverage solidThinking's robust solution set for Model-Based Development, Concept Design and Manufacturing Simulation

Inspire - Accelerate Simulation-Driven Design

Accelerate the creation and modification of solid models, use PolyNURBS to create free-form smooth geometry, and study multiple assembly configurations.

Inspire Studio - All in one Industrial Design Solution

Create, evaluate and visualise designs faster than ever before with unrivaled flexibility and precision. Produce stunning product presentations in real-time with the built-in, high-quality, physically-based global illumination renderer.

Inspire Render - 3D Rendering and Animation Powerhouse

Quickly create, modify, and drag & drop a variety of materials and add lighting environments to generate images and animations in real-time with the built-in high-quality, physically-based global illumination rendering engine.

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