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BricsCAD BIM is an alternative Building Information Modelling package that offers a design-to-documentation workflow that focuses on “Design First”.

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BricsCAD BIM - Building Information Modeling

"Design-First" BIM with a Continuous LOD workflow and Associative Construction Documentation.

BricsCAD BIM leverages a familiar workflow, using DWGs and XREFs, to bring Building Information Modeling to everyone. Begin capturing your designs in CAD-accurate solids. Then, leverage the power of A.I. and machine learning to classify your BIM’s elements automatically.

This same AI power lets you build the Level of Development of your BIM in a continuous, consistent fashion. And, you can create associative construction documentation, automatically, at any point in the BricsCAD® BIM workflow.

Auto-classify building elements
BIMIFY examines the geometry of each solid in the model, then detects and automatically assigns IFC entity classifications. This automated classifier can save hours of work in the creation of a BIM.

Auto-complete BIM data
AUTOMATCH will automatically match and complete BIM information across multiple entities, such as missing compositions, properties, and more. Add compositions to a wall, and AUTOMATCH will suggest adding that composition to every matching wall in the entire BIM.

Propagate details
Drive a consistent level of detail (LOD) across your entire BIM, automatically. Adjust a composition ply at a ceiling / wall juncture and replicate that change across the BIM, wherever you need it. You always have full control over the suggestions Propagate makes.

User Configurable Quantities
With BricsCAD BIM, you can create a custom quantity framework to meet your standards. Any BIM classification type can be assigned a custom quantity and you can choose how each quantity is calculated.

Looking for Mechanical tools?
Check out BricsCAD Mechanical, or Ultimate for the best of both worlds.

Quickdraw takes sketching into the 3D realm. You can create and modify 3D room layouts as easily as sketching out a 2D floor plan. Creating and editing rectangular and L-shaped rooms and buildings has never been so fast.

Create a BIM from a solid massing model using Quick Building
QuickBuilding supports iterative and generative design workflows, quickly transforming a solid massing model into a conceptual BIM model with slabs, walls, and spaces -- helping the designer to explore many design options in an early design phase.

Create Spaces and Zones
You have unlimited freedom to create Spaces and Zones, using a free-form Direct Modeling approach. Spaces can be simple or complex 3D volumes, or 2D abstractions. These methods deliver the freedom to specify building areas with full freedom.

Bi-directional link with Grasshopper
There’s a live, two-way link between the BricsCAD BIM modeler and McNeel’s Rhinoceros/Grasshopper to bridge the gap between early-stage generative design and BIM, by translating geometric entities into BIM elements.

What is Communicator?

Communicator for BricsCAD seamlessly imports geometry & PMI data from all major CAD applications, helping you to import and export high-fidelity 3D CAD files. BricsCAD Communicator runs on BricsCAD Pro, Platinum, BIM, Mechanical and Ultimate.

  • 3D PDF - .pdf (Export Windows / Linux Only)

  • ACIS - .asab, .asat, .sab, .sat

  • Autodesk Inventor - .iam, .ipt (Import on Windows Only)

  • CATIA v4 - .model

  • CATIA v5/v6 - .CATPart, .CATProduct, .CGR (Windows Only. v6 Export Only)

  • Creo Elements / Pro Engineer - .asm, .prt (Import Only)

  • IGES - .iges, .igs

  • NX - .prt (Import Windows Only)

  • Parasolid - .xmt_bin, .xmt_txt, .x_b, .x_t (Import Only)

  • Siemens - .jt (Import Windows / Linux Only)

  • Solid Edge - (Import Linux Only)
  • SolidWorks - .sldasm, .sldprt (Import Windows / Linux Only)

  • STEP - .step, .stp, .stpz

  • VDA-FS - .vda

  • XCGM - .xcgm (Import Only on Linux, no Mac Support)

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