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Revit LT is a BIM solution for self-starters and a cost-effective project workhorse for the small architecture studio or solo practitioner. Get all the design-to-documentation power of Revit at a fraction of the cost.
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Autodesk Revit LT

In the world of architectural design, staying ahead of the curve in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration is paramount. To address these needs, Autodesk offers the solution with Revit LT. This software package is designed to revolutionise the way architects, designers, and construction professionals approach their projects, enabling them to create, visualise, and manage building information more effectively.

Revit LT, short for Revit "Lite", is a streamlined version of Autodesk's flagship Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, Revit. BIM is a revolutionary approach that integrates various aspects of a building project – from design and construction, to operation and maintenance – into a single digital model. This model serves as a centralised hub of information, allowing stakeholders to collaborate, visualise, and simulate every aspect of a building project in a coordinated manner.

Revit LT retains the core principles of BIM, while offering a more accessible and focused toolset tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized architectural firms and individual designers. It caters to those who seek a powerful BIM solution without the complexity and extensive feature set of the full Revit software.

Revit LT Key Features

Sketching Tools
Revit LT provides a range of intuitive sketching tools that allow architects to quickly draft and conceptualise their designs. From basic shapes to intricate details, these tools enable the creation of both 2D and 3D sketches, serving as the starting point for more detailed modeling.

Model Family Creation
Building components in Revit LT are organised as "families." These families are collections of similar objects with shared parameters, which can be customised and reused throughout the design process. This feature ensures consistency and efficiency in design, as well as the ability to update multiple instances of a component simultaneously.

One of the standout features of Revit LT is its ability to generate schedules automatically. Whether it's a door schedule, window schedule, or any other component, the software keeps track of quantities and properties, saving designers considerable time that would otherwise be spent on manual calculations.

Clear communication is vital in architectural design, and Revit LT facilitates this through its annotation tools. Designers can add dimensions, text, symbols, and other annotations directly onto their drawings and models, ensuring that their intent is conveyed accurately to collaborators and stakeholders.

Document Production
As a project progresses, the need for documentation becomes increasingly critical. Revit LT excels in producing high-quality construction documents, including floor plans, elevations, sections, and more. These documents are dynamically linked to the BIM model, ensuring that any changes made to the model are reflected automatically in the associated documentation.

Collaboration and Coordination
Revit LT supports collaboration by allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. Changes made by one team member are reflected in real-time for others to see, promoting efficient communication and reducing the chances of errors caused by version mismatches.

The software's 3D visualisation capabilities enable designers to present their ideas in a more immersive and engaging manner. With realistic renderings and walkthroughs, stakeholders can better understand the design and make informed decisions.

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