Modelur - Parametric Urban Design

Modelur is an easy to use, yet powerful parametric urban design software tool developed to create conceptual urban massing quickly.

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Modelur - Parametric Urban Design

Modelur for SketchUp calculates key urban control parameters on the fly (e.g. gross floor area, FAR or required number of parking areas), delivering important information while the design is still evolving. Modelur fosters well-informed decision making during the earliest stages, when design decisions have the highest impact.

Modelur was built to provide designers with a parametric urban design tool everyone can use, which became a carefully selected set of functions that help achieve more accurate results in less than 1/3 of the time needed when compared to traditional methods.

Thanks to the increased productivity, you can quickly create, compare and evaluate different design alternatives and scenarios. Having both, quantitative and qualitative (visual 3D) data at your hands when making decisions, you can easily validate different design proposals against the requirements and make sure the best solution is chosen for further development.

Modelur continuously calculates key development parameters while you design, empowering you to make well-informed decisions from the onset of your project. At the same time, it also automatically detects if the design is in conflict with zoning rules and constraints. Having all this information at hand helps you make sure the right decisions are made and increases the confidence in your project.

Using Modelur, you gain the freedom to focus on conceptual urban design and let the computer crunch the numbers for you in real-time. Calculated urban parameters can be displayed on screen at all times, empowering you to easily pursue development goals. Each design change is reflected automatically and immediately in numbers.

Modelur is the first application that incorporates an all-new design method, which creates an interactive solution space that adapts each building to already known zoning rules such as allowed building heights or land uses. This rewards you with instant feedback, making it super easy to see how zoning rules actually affect each building at specific location and making sure that each building complies with (municipality’s) zoning rules at the same time.

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