Vectorworks Landmark 2015


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With new technology in the Vectorworks Landmark 2015 software, you can create whatever you dream up—with even greater efficiency and increased productivity.

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Regular Price: £2,274.00

Special Price: £1,700.00 ex VAT £2,040.00 inc. VAT

Vectorworks Landmark 2015

Juan Carlos Lopez

Juan Carlos Lopez

Buy Vectorworks Landmark from CAD Software Direct - official UK Reseller 

Vectorworks Landmark is the new standard in Landscape design software. Whether you do landscape architecture, landscape design, contracting, or planning, you’ll be able to design whatever you envision with Vectorworks Landmark. Its flexible tools, versatile capabilities, and intuitive interface provide you with a superior 2D and 3D design application that is second to none. 


New to Landmark with Vectorworks 2015

Vectorworks Graphics Module

  • Wireframe and Planar Graphics Improvements 
  • View Transition Animation 
  • Preference for 3D Render Mode and Projection 
  • Mesh Improvements 
  • Modelling Performance Improvements 
  • Modernised Visual Performance  


  • Curtain Walls  
  • Walls
  • COBie-Facilities Management for IFC Export 
  • Stairs  

Technology Interoperability

  • File Import and Export 
  • DXF/DWG/DWF Improvements  
  • Robust PDF Integration  

3D Modelling and Rendering

  • OpenGL Improvements 
  • New Deform Tool 

Documentation and Graphics Improvements

  • Clip Cube Caps  
  • Powerful Text Features  
  • Publish Command  
  • Gradient Opacity Control  
  • Support for Retina and 4K Displays  
  • Detail Callouts  

Workflow Efficiency Gains

  • Worksheet Refinement  
  • Help When and Where You Need It  
  • Eliminate Mouse Clicks  
  • Class and Layer Management  

Site Design Enhancements

  • Site Modelling and Calculations 
  • Roadway Object Improvements  
  • Grade Object Improvements 
  • Drawing Annotations 
  • Plant Materials 

New Content and Mobile Apps

  • New Content Libraries 
  • New Vectorworks Remote App 
  • Vectorworks Nomad 3D Viewing (VSS Only)

See a full list of features for Vectorworks 2015..


What is Vectorworks Service Select (VSS)?
Vectorworks Service Select is a subscription agreement that provides customers with several added benefits, including immediate receipt of product releases, the best pricing, predictable budgets, priority technical support, VIP access to downloads, easy account management, and access to a growing library of on-demand learning tutorials. You’ll also have exclusive access to Vectorwork Cloud Services, as well as their mobile apps.

What is Renderworks? 
Renderworks is an add-on available to any Vectorworks product, allowing you to create high-quality, photorealistic and stylised, non-photorealistic rendered models for stunning images and animations, directly in Vectorworks software. It is suitable for all design industries, no matter what kinds of projects you handle.

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System Recommendations

Vectorworks 2015

The following are real-world system recommendations for running Vectorworks 2015. In some demanding cases, we would suggest a more capable machine than is described by these recommendations. Likewise, there are some less demanding situations where Vectorworks will perform well on older hardware.

General Recommendations



Operating System

Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later

Windows XP SP 3
Windows Vista SP 2
Windows 7 SP 1

Windows 8


Intel Core 2GHz or better

Pentium 2GHz or better

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 minimum, 1280 x 800 recommended


2GB minimum,

4GB highly recommended,

8GB – 16GB recommended for large files and complex renderings.

* See the discussion in the Optimizing Performance section below.


Additional Details

Video Cards

IMPORTANT – Like past releases, Vectorworks 2015 added improvements which placed still higher demands on graphic hardware. The performance and quality of the graphics provided by the new Vectorworks Graphics Module depend directly on the speed, memory, and supported extensions of the graphics card. These new features have the potential to provide a very fast and fluid experience if used on capable hardware, or a noticeably slower experience if used on older or incompatible hardware. Graphic cards should support at a minimum OpenGL version 2.1; cards not meeting this recommendation will have limited functionality and poor performance, particularly when rendering in OpenGL mode. In general, the more powerful your video card is, the better your Vectorworks experience will be.

The amount of Video RAM (VRAM) required to drive Vectorworks adequately depends largely on the size of the display being used and the complexity of the Vectorworks document. Medium-sized displays with a native resolution of 1920x1080 or less should be driven by a graphics card with at least 512MB of VRAM.  Larger displays, such as displays that are 30” or larger, should use a modern graphics card with at least 1GB of VRAM, with 2GB or more recommended.

OpenGL rendering of shadows and edges are VRAM-intensive and require at least 512MB, with 2GB of VRAM being preferable. If you want to take full advantage of OpenGL shadows and edges, especially in situations where you have any combination of the following:

  • many lights
  • point lights
  • image textures
  • anti-aliasing
  • high shadow quality

and if you have a video card with less than 512MB of VRAM, you should consider upgrading your video card.

Nemetschek strongly recommend that all users check that their video drivers are current. The majority of display problems reported to our Technical Support department have been traced to older video drivers.

For the latest information on video card recommendations for Vectorworks 2015, go to the Vectorworks Knowledgebase and search for "OpenGL".

Remote and Virtual Machines

We do not consider remote login environments such as Remote Desktop, Terminal Services and VNC or virtual machine environments such as Parallels and VMware to be appropriate for regular work, so Vectorworks performance in these situations is not of primary concern to us. They may be appropriate for administrative testing or utility purposes, and Vectorworks is fully functional in these environments. You should not expect high performance in these environments, however, especially with interactive screen feedback.

We do support Vectorworks running under Boot Camp on Mac machines. As long as you have appropriate and current drivers for the hardware on your machine, you can expect fast and reliable Vectorworks behavior.

Maintenance Releases

Unless there is a known problem with a maintenance release of the operating system, we recommend the latest maintenance release at the time we ship a new release of Vectorworks as a minimum because that is what we test with. If you have problems with an earlier maintenance release, we will often ask you to update as an initial troubleshooting step.

32-bit / 64-Bit Machines

On the Mac, Vectorworks is a 64-bit application and will run on all supported MacOS versions.

On Windows, Vectorworks can be run as either a 32-bit application or as a 64-bit application.

Optimizing Performance

For users who run in a 64-bit environment and work with large files and complex renderings, we recommend running with at least 8GB of RAM. When RAM runs out, Vectorworks usually continues to function, but is slowed significantly by the need to access the hard drive to provide virtual memory. Extreme lack of RAM may cause operations to generate errors in cases where given sufficient RAM they would otherwise succeed. Faster hard drives can have a large impact on system performance especially when virtual memory is actively being used.

Faster or slower processor clock speeds have a predictable impact on Vectorworks performance. Hard drive size requirements are driven by the total size of Designer with Renderworks including all content files. You can reduce this size by opting to not install some of the larger Vectorworks content files.

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